Best websites to learn German Online.

There are many websites out there with which you can learn German, but which one should I choose? Let us help you to find the right one. The main criteria to determine which websites are best to learn German Online are the ability to tailor your learning and having the opportunity to learn with native German speakers.


This website is awesome to learn German on your own. They have great grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading exercises. The best is their impressive way of explaining difficult content in an easy to understand way.

And here comes the good part, they offer most of their content for free. You could literally learn German for free by using their website, which is by the way super intuitive to use.


This Online tutoring platform is truly a powerhouse for online learning. They use state of the art technology and a well-designed platform to bring tutors and language learners together.

They offer trial lessons with thousand of tutors not just in German but also in many other languages and areas of expertise. You choose your tutor and the time you want to learn. Learning with a native German speaker really lets you improve your German to the next level.


You probably have heard of the language learning app with the green bird. This platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer the most optimized.

Duolingo offers a gamified way of learning German which makes it super easy to stay on track. Think about leveling up and seeing your progress by the day.


This website is the perfect way to learn German with native speakers. Especially if you already speak some German and want to improve in your field of expertise like medicine, law, finance, engineering, etc.

The best thing is that you can start with a free 60 minutes trial lesson. Which is a great offer if you are not sure if it’s the right thing for you.

Goethe Institute

This platform stands for learning systematically German. They offer a wide variety of services to help you improve your German from level A1-C2. You can really dive deep into their online and offline programs.

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