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The German Cases

This is the most fundamental of all grammar topics in the German language. The German cases. Nominativ case The Nominativ case is used for the subject of the sentence. The subject of the sentence is the person, animal, or thing that is doing the action. Example: Der Mann kauft einen Kaffee. Here “der Mann” is … Continue reading The German Cases

German Articles

The German articles must be declined based on the gender of the noun and the cases. Don’t worry, you got this. Read this short article and then do the exercise. And you will see that you will already have a better understanding of this works. No worries, let me help you to understand the German … Continue reading German Articles


Sometimes my students ask me how do you know when to use wenn and also in German. And because of this, I am writing this post, to make life easier for you. In short: We use Als for the past. Wenn is used for present and future events. However, Wenn is also used for the … Continue reading WENN vs ALS

How to: German Interrogative pronouns (with Exercise)

German interrogative pronouns are used instead of nouns and pronouns in questions sentences. This article will demystify this topic of german grammar once and for all. The interrogative pronouns in German grammar are:wer, was, wem, wen, and wessen.  The below table gives you an overview of interrogative pronouns. Feel free to save it in your … Continue reading How to: German Interrogative pronouns (with Exercise)

Guide to the German Konjunktiv 2

What is the German Subjunctive 2 or Konjuntiv 2? The best way to ask polite questions in the business world is to use the Konjunktiv 2. Könnten Sie mich bitte mit dem Geschäftsführer verbinden? Could you please connect me with the CEO? What is the Konjunktiv 2? Let’s start with, when do we use it? … Continue reading Guide to the German Konjunktiv 2

Podcast Episode #20 – News in German & Prepositions

Expertlygerman podcast News in German & Prepositions Elektroautos auf den deutschen Straßen Die Anzahl der zugelassenen Elektroautos ist in Deutschland deutlich gestiegen. (die Anzahl = the amount, zugelassen = registered) So sollen es in 2020 über 190.000 neue Elektroautos gewesen sein. Das ist eine Steigerung von über 200 Prozent. (die Steigerung = the increase) Was … Continue reading Podcast Episode #20 – News in German & Prepositions

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