This podcast is perfect if you want to learn German. By listening regularly to my podcast you will become more confident and fluent in speaking German. Each episode is about 5-20 minutes long, so easily digestible learning opportunities.

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The Focus is business German and is particularly suitable for advanced speakers. First I will talk about a current topic from the business world, then we will listen to the most difficult words again with translation, and finally, we will do some grammar.

Talk #3 – A1-A2: How to say something in the past in German (Present Perfect) Learn German Podcast | ExpertlyGerman.com

Free beginners ebook: https://expertlygerman.com/free-german-beginners-ebook/ Intermediate German course: https://skl.sh/3qm1GV5 Book a 1:1 lesson with me: https://expertlygerman.com/german-lesson/ — Music credits: Monarch of the street by Loyalty Freak Music from Free Music Archive, CC0 1.0 Universal License
  1. Talk #3 – A1-A2: How to say something in the past in German (Present Perfect)
  2. Talk #2 – A2-B1: Conjunctive Adverbs (Konditionaladverbien)
  3. Talk #1 – A1-A2: German conjunctions (Konjunktionen)
  4. #28 – Listen to news in German, prepositions exercise
  5. #27 – News in German & Deutsch-Übungen
  6. #26 – News in German (NFTs & Twitter Superfollow) + Deutsch-Übung
  7. #25 – News in German (Clubhouse & Bitcoin vs Ethereum) + Exercise about Reflexive Pronouns
  8. #24 – News in German & Deutsch-Übungen
  9. #23 – News in German & Adjective Endings (also on YOUTUBE)
  10. #22 – Learn German with 4 Business Ideas & Exercises

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This course is perfect if you want to:

  • master your German in a career environment
  • communicate more effectively
  • learn the vocabulary for business German
  • improve your understanding of the key grammar topics

thelocal.de says

Some German words can look intimidating but don’t have to be, especially when placed in a real world context. The new podcast Expertly German includes and explain a lot of economic and business terms from current news stories, and also provide a helpful transcript at the bottom of each episode. They also include interactive exercises, usually in the form of grammar-related quizzes.