This podcast is perfect if you want to learn German. By listening regularly to my podcast you will become more confident and fluent in speaking German. Each episode is about 5-20 minutes long, so easily digestible learning opportunities.

learn german every week with my Podcast

Become fluent and confident in speaking German with my podcast. The podcast focuses on teaching you German grammar and vocab for daily life and career. The podcast is suitable for beginner and intermediate speakers.

#63 – Saying of the week//Vokabeln für den Urlaub//News in German Learn German Podcast | Deutsch lernen | ExpertlyGerman.com

Everyday German Course: https://bit.ly/3kaZ9Mw More: 1. FREE Beginners ebook: https://expertlygerman.com/free-german-beginners-ebook/ 2. FREE Intermediate B1 ebook: https://expertlygerman.com/ebook/ 3. 10-Week-Programme (Group Lessons): https://expertlygerman.com/group-classes/ 4. Transcripts: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/expertlygerman 5. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/expertlygerman/ — I know speaking German can be difficult. That's why I do this podcast, to help you learn German wherever you are in the world. I really appreciate all your support in following this podcast. Please spread the word and tell others so that I can reach more people who want to learn German. Dankeschön, Tom 🙂
  1. #63 – Saying of the week//Vokabeln für den Urlaub//News in German
  2. #62 – Saying of the week//Vokabeln für den Sommer//News in German
  3. #61 – Saying of the week//Verben mit "machen"//News in German
  4. #60 – Saying of the week//Verben am Abend//News in German//Learning with Louise
  5. #59 – Saying of the week//Präpostion: Nach//News in German
  6. #58 – Saying of the week//Synonyms for Sagen//News in German
  7. #57 – Saying of the week//Berufe auf Deutsch//News in German
  8. #56 – Saying of the week//Asking Polite Questions in German//News in German
  9. #55 – Saying of the week//Präpositionen//News in German
  10. Talk #16 – Nach vs In (when talking about countries), Present Perfect

individual or group lessons

This is perfect if you want to:

  • master your German in a career environment
  • communicate more effectively
  • learn the vocabulary
  • improve your understanding of the key grammar topics

thelocal.de says

Some German words can look intimidating but don’t have to be, especially when placed in a real world context. The new podcast Expertly German includes and explain a lot of economic and business terms from current news stories, and also provide a helpful transcript at the bottom of each episode. They also include interactive exercises, usually in the form of grammar-related quizzes.



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