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10 Week Programme

In 2023 I am launching a return of the highly successful Expertly German 10 week programme.

What you get with this programme:


You get all of this for €375

That’s €37.50 per week of the 10 week programme.

Programme curriculum
We have 2 programme levels available next year. Below you can see the 10 week programme content for each level.

Beginner A2




Connector Words

Recap & Midterm





Final Exam

Intermediate B1


Adjective Declination


Relative Pronouns

Recap & Midterm


Reflexive Pronouns

Konjunktiv 2


Final Exam

What my students say

Olivia W.
Olivia W.
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Tom has developed fun lessons and interesting prep, with small class sizes that let you participate fully. I definitely recommend and even plan to take another course with him! 😀
Jess T.
Jess T.
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Tom is an excellent, patient and fun teacher! If you want to polish or improve your German I would highly recommend him. Danke Tom!
Ellen H.
Ellen H.
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Tom has created a really challenging and engaging course which has taught me much more German in 10 weeks than in a year+ learning through apps and online programs. I highly recommend his group sessions, which I will certainly join again! Thanks Tom

10 Week Programme Dates

There are a total of 4 Programme start dates in 2023. 

Week 1 learning plans are sent out the Saturday prior to the Start dates listed below.


Start: Jan 14, 2023

Finish: Mar 18 2023


Start: April 8, 2023

Finish: Jul 8 2023


Start: Aug 5, 2023

Finish: Oct 7 2023


Start: Oct 21, 2023

Finish: Dec 23 2023

Beginner A2 programme live group call:

Saturdays 9am Berlin time on Zoom

Intermediate B1 programme live group call:

Saturdays 10am Berlin time on Zoom

Only 8 places available per programme, don’t miss out!



Get a FULL REFUND if you are unhappy with the course for any reason within 14 days of receiving the course.


Yes, correct 🙂 10 weeks. Please note, the 2023 Summer group has a 4 week gap between Week 6 & 7 of the curriculum.

  • You get 10 group lessons over 10 weeks, covering key grammar topics to accelerate your speaking.
  • Every week of the programme, you get sent a learning plan with 60+ mins of curated self-study I put together for you.
  • The learning plans include:
        • Motivational encouragement and learning tips
        • Video lessons that introduce the topic for that week
        • Quizzes to test & check your understanding of the video lessons
        • A forum to ask questions to be covered in the group lesson
        • Optional extension activities for additional weekly practice
  • In addition you get free lifetime access to my video course (value 83€).
  • And a 5% discount from future 10 week programmes in the series if you decide to join.
  • The course uses a flipped classroom approach which acts as a great accountability mechanism for participants. At the start of each week you get your weekly learning plan stacked with instruction and resources. Each week you study the learning plan and understand the topic before you attend the group call on the Saturday. Participants love this and it’s my favourite element of the course because it focuses participants to learn one thing at a time & acts as a great accountability mechanism to study and master the content every week.
  • A focused 10 week curriculum that accelerates your understanding of specific grammar topics and lets you practice and apply those rules in your speaking that same week. The live group call is there to consolidate what you’ve learned, clarify questions and give you the chance to apply the learning in your speaking. 
  • Exclusive live Saturday group sessions: You get the same group throughout the 10 weeks, no new joiners or changing faces. And great group sizes with max 8 people and with the adoption of breakout rooms full participation every week to practice speaking no matter what (note occasionally 10 participants will be permitted). We hold the groups on Saturdays to make it as easy as possible for people to be there rain or shine and we make them early as we can so that you could still make it even if you’re on holiday!
  • A fun, personal experience: I think you need to have a fun and encouraging teacher in order to want to show up. And you need to show up to learn. So I’m committed to bringing you a social and friendly group call each week and to get to know you and your level so I can better tailor the group calls to make sure all needs are met.

Groups have maximum 8 participants per live group lesson. We may accept up to 10 participants by exception where demand is high.

You get the same group throughout the 10 weeks, no new joiners or changing faces. And you always get me.  

Our data shows we have higher attendance & participation when groups are smaller & get to know each other. Data also shows participants get more from the course as we use more time (none lost on new intros each week), they ask more questions & are more confident.

The weekly learning plans are emailed to you at the start of each week so you can prepare for the group calls with plenty of time. 

The group calls are designed to consolidate that learning, answer any questions or misconceptions and give everyone chance to practice using that learning in their speaking. They are held at intentionally accessible times (Saturday early mornings) so that even if you are away you’d possibly still be able to dial in. 

If you do miss a group call you can just join again the next week and as long as you complete your learning plan you’ll be fine. 

Naturally if you miss more lessons we’d worry that you’d find it harder to come back or keep up as well so we’d suggest: 

  • Check the programme date options for 2023: Look at the calendar to make sure the live group call dates work for you and you have no major clashes. 
  • If you know you are going to be away on holiday or work for a week of your programme and struggle to complete your learning plan that’s no problem, just ask for that week’s learning plan in advance so you can coordinate your study time around your schedule and double up the week before. 

You can cancel the 10 Week Programme for free before the start of the programme and I will give you a full refund. Even after the first session, I will give you a refund for the remaining 9 weeks.

After week 2 we can no longer offer refunds as we cannot backfill your place on the programme in order to fulfil our commitment to the group to ensure a great experience. You can’t get a fairer offer.

  • You must be 18 or over to participate in the 10 week programme (no exceptions).
  • You must comply with our code of conduct, this is nothing crazy it just reflects the most basic principles we ask everyone to follow to ensure everyone feels as comfortable as possible engaging & participating:
      • Be friendly & have fun
      • Be kind – everyone has a different starting point and we learn at our own paces
      • Be ready – Have mic & camera turned on for group lessons (you can pre-set your Zoom name to a nickname and blur your background) and complete your weekly learning plan so you can engage in the live content fully
      • Share only what you want to with the group 

If this sounds good to you then join us and sign up now to secure your place!

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