List of best websites and tools to learn German

This list is constantly evolving and is supposed to help you find great learning material to improve your German. The order is not based on quality, I merely aim to provide a good list of sources that you can use.


This is an amazing platform to learn about most of the important grammar topics in the German language. They also provide exercises and material to practice your German in each topic. The free version is absolutely enough, but they also have a paid version which provides you with more exercise material. I can really recommend this website.

Here you can find a lot of amazing material that is for free. Also they have tons of exercises that you can use.


On this website you can find good souces to practice your reading an listening, among other things.


Daily topics to improve your German.

Learn German with anja

The youtube channel to learn German. It’s pretty fun too.

Expertlygerman podcast

Yes I know, this is my podcast. But I really think it is a great podcast to improve your German. Especially for intermediate to advanced level speakers.

German Online gym

This is a great and concise course for beginner level speakers. Great if you want to start out.


Another great podcast to improve your German. Listen to the two hosts who do a fabulous job in teaching you German.

Easy Deutsch

They have easy explanations, grammar lists, exercises and much more.


A great app to learn German!

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