Learning a language can be hard. But picking the right online learning platform should not be. In this guide, you will learn the differences between Preply vs Italki. Both of them match online tutors and students for 1-on-1 lessons.

Italki vs Preply are both very similar platforms. However, there are some differences:

  • italki is the platform that exists the longest and therefore has a wider range of tutors, so you can decide which teacher you like the most. Also I would say that Italki is generally cheaper. But cheaper doesn’t always mean better.
  • Preply has also a great amount of tutors and additionally to language teachers they offer teachers for many other subjects beyond language as well.

Both platforms are great and offer flexibility and a wide variety of tutors

Preply is my favorite because they have the best quality tutors and the better and more easy to use platform.

Italki is great too, and generally has cheaper prices on the platform. But from my perspective, you should invest a couple more bucks into a teacher that you spend a great amount with.

the key advantages of Preply and Italki


  • Huge variety of tutors on all sorts of topics, even beyond just language learning
  • High-quality tutors with reasonable prices
  • Great customer service, they help you with any queries instantly and very professionally


  • Choose from a great number of tutors, which means you can be pickier in your selection. Tutors offer a wide variety of fees per hour, location, native language, and other factors.
  • Italki offers free learning tools in the exercise section of their app.
  • Trial lessons are generally cheaper

HOW to learn LANGUAGES WITH Preply

There is plenty of information about the tutors on the website. You can see their reviews, active students and number of lessons they taught so far.

To find a tutor you just search for the language or topic that you are interested in learning. After reviewing the basic information about the tutor you can watch a short video about the tutor to see their personality and if you are interested in learning together.

Then you can book a trial lesson for 1 hour with that tutor. The trial lesson is the full price of a normal lesson but you can also expect to learn the language in the first hour.


The setting for Italki works similar to preply. You book a trial lesson with the tutor after you reviewed the basic information about that tutor. The video helps you to see if you like the teacher and you can also listen to their accent.

Trial lessons are usually half the price or less and are usually 30 minutes long. In the trial lesson you can go over the lesson structure and ask questions about the teaching style. Also I would recommend setting goals and a timeline to achive that.

final thoughts

Generally, I would say that both platforms are a great way to learn a language on a 1-on-1 basis. In the end, it’s really up to your preference and also where you find the tutor that fits best your goals.

I personally would choose Preply because I use it myself more than Italki because of the quality of the tutors and the great customer service.

The slightly cheaper option Italki also great but you might have a lower quality of the lessons.

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