7 Podcasts to learn German for Free

You don’t know which podcast to choose to learn German? Let me help you.

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We live in an era with a million podcasts. There are podcasts on every single topic, and there are several podcasts on every single topic. That can make deciding which podcast is ideal for learning about something challenging – choice paralysis is real. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our best German podcasts for language study. Whether you’re just getting started or searching for something more sophisticated, there’s a podcast to help you learn German.

Which are the best Learn German Podcasts?

Easy German Podcast

Many German podcasts aimed for language learners are brief, but this does not have to be the case. Easy German episodes are roughly an hour long and offer a lot of information for you to get your teeth into. The hosts address audience questions on topics ranging from the definition of “philosophy” to tourism in each episode. If you’re having difficulties keeping up, they also provide a subscription version that includes a full transcript and vocabulary aids for each episode. The podcast is produced by the same team that created Easy German on YouTube, which is a wonderful language resource for those who like to look at images.

Coffee Break German

This podcast is a ready-to-go joy for all levels, and it’s as convenient as your take-out coffee. For those in a hurry, Coffee Break German provides a leisurely, coffee break length language course (though, as you progress through the series, I believe that bean grinding, brewing time and slow sugar stirring are included as part of your break time).

The unique aspect of this podcast is that you will never feel alone in your language learning journey. In each episode, you study with the Scottish presenter, Mark, as he collaborates with his German tutor.

Deutsch Podcast

With this podcast you can improve your German, consolidate your grammar and learn new vocabulary. Virpi and Sandra, two certified lecturers and examiners have been teaching German as a foreign and second language for a long time.
Each week they present you with a new episode in which they talk about a topic and use a few examples to teach you important German grammar content.

Expertly German Podcast

This is my podcast, so I might be a bit biased here. I am helping you to become fluent and confident in speaking German with my podcast. The podcast focuses on teaching you German grammar and vocab for daily life and career. The podcast is suitable for beginner and intermediate speakers.

Slow German

Slow German, as the name implies, is ideal if you’re seeking for a slow German podcast with realistic pronunciation. Furthermore, the transcripts make it easier to follow along.

Annik Rubens, the host, is a journalist from Munich. Her slow speech allows you to concentrate on comprehending each phrase.

The podcasts for beginners are mainly in English and cover topics like as ordering meals at a restaurant.

The episodes for intermediate learners, on the other hand, are totally in German. The leisurely pace, on the other hand, is simple to follow. Transcripts might also assist you in understanding what is being stated.

Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten

Listening to the news in German is a tried and true way that many people use to learn a language. With this podcast, it is really helpful to have a resource that includes precisely that, but is tailored to learners – Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten by, you guessed it, Deutsche Welle! This podcast, which literally translates to “Slowly Spoken News,” is a terrific way to listen to the news (even if with a day or two lag) in the exact same terms that are used in regular news, but spoken slowly.

News in Slow German

This German podcast keeps intermediate listeners up to date on current events.

Slowly, the speakers enunciate words and sentences. As a result, you can simply follow along. You’ll like the fascinating, engaging, and current news pieces that introduce a topic before delving into the specifics.

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