German Conversation Club

(Invitation Only)

What to expect?

An exclusive weekly group session with the aim of speaking and understanding German.

Some examples of what you can expect in a session:

  • A member gives a presentation, others listen, summarise the presentation & ask questions. Then the presenter rotates to another member of the group.
  • Discussions about a specific topics provided in advance.
  • Impromptu speeches.
  • Debating (including playing devil’s advocate) on set topics.
  • Most of all, let’s have fun speaking German. Laughing is mandatory 🙂

Cancel any time.

particularly beneficial for:

  • People with some understanding of German but lack confidence speaking.
  • People who want to upgrade their fluency.
  • Everyone – all levels are welcome!
  • People looking to meet likeminded people who are in the same situation, then this club is perfect for you.


We meet via zoom. All you need is a computer and a camera.


Wednesdays 6pm Berlin time. (BOOKED OUT)

Fridays at 12:30 (midday) Berlin time. (OPEN)

The duration of the session is 45 minutes.

How to join?

Subscribe to the group for 79€/month (that’s about 20€ per session).

Cancel any time.

about me

Hi there, my name is Tom, and I am a native German speaker, bilingual in English.

After many years working as a professional in the finance industry in Germany, the UK, and the US, I have found my passion in teaching my native language. I am also the host of the ExpertlyGerman Podcast. In the group lessons, you will have the opportunity to practice speaking as well as learning grammar in a fun environment.

Berlin, Germany

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