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The German articles must be declined based on the gender of the noun and the cases. Don’t worry, you got this. Read this short article and then do the exercise. And you will see that you will already have a better understanding of this works. No worries, let me help you to understand the German grammar.

German articles table

The German articles are:

die = feminine

Example: die Frau

Die Frau kauft einen Kaffee.

der = masculine

Example: der Mann

Der Mann spielt Fußball.

das = neutral

Example: das Kind

Das Kind geht zur Schule.

How do I know if a noun is masculine, feminine or neutral?

Well in short, you don’t. But there are some groups of nouns that almost always follow a certain gender.

Note: There are always exceptions.

Male nouns

Days, Months and seasons

der Montag (Monday), der Mai (May), der Sommer, der Monat (month), der Morgen (morning)


der BMW, der Skoda, der Ford, der Ferrari, der Audi, der VW, der Mercedes

Male noun endings

-ant, -ast, -ich, -ig, -ling, -or, -us

Examples: der Praktikant, der Lehrling, der Kontrast

Female nouns

Female noun endings

-a, -anz, -enz, -ei, -ie, -heit, -keit, -ik, -sion, -tion, -sis, -tät, -ung, -ur, schaft

Examples: die Allianz, die Kundschaft, die Aktion, die Universität, die Wahrscheinlichkeit

neutral nouns

Neutral noun endings

-chen, -lein, -icht, -il, -it, -ma, -ment, -tel, -tum, -um

Examples: das Mädchen, das Klima, das Experiment

The most difficult is obviously to know the gender of the noun. To find out the cases is also not easy but there are more rules involved. Finding out the gender of the noun is almost like guessing. How do you know that dog is “der Hund” in German. So the answer is, practice practice practice.


Use capital letter in the beginning of the sentence.

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