The German Cases

This is the most fundamental of all grammar topics in the German language. The German cases.

Nominativ case

The Nominativ case is used for the subject of the sentence. The subject of the sentence is the person, animal, or thing that is doing the action.


Der Mann kauft einen Kaffee.

Here “der Mann” is the subject, because he is doing the action. And therefore we use the Nominativ case.

Make sure that you are using the correct German articles.

Akkusativ Case

The Akkusativ case is about the direct object.


Die Frau kauft einen Kuchen. (The women is buying a cake)

Here “der Kuchen” is the direct object, because cake is the thing that is being bought. It receives the action.

We also have certain prepositions that are follow by the Akkusativ case. These are: für, ohne, gegen, durch, um, bis, entlang


Ich spiele gegen den Mann.

Dativ case

The Dativ case is about the indirect object.


Ich gebe der Frau eine Blume.

Her “der Frau” is in the Dativ case because something is done for the woman.

Genitiv Case

This case show possession or belonging.


Das Haus des Mannes befindet sich in Berlin. (The house of the man is located in Berlin.)

There are also prepostions that are followed by the Genitiv case.

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