How to say goodbye in German

Here are a couple of alternatives to saying goodbye in German. There are probably 100 ways but I want to give you my most helpful ones. I also have a podcast episode on the topic.

How to say goodbye in German.

Ok let’s go:

To wish someone a nice weekend in German

Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende.

The Ihnen here refers to the formal you. If you want to be more informal you could use the same with dir.

Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende.


Or much more colloquial: Tschüss.

You can also say:

Tschüss, bis nächste Woche. (bye, see you next week)

Or: Tschüss, bis morgen. (bye, until tomorrow)

Bis später – You say this, should you see the person later today. It literally means: until later.

How to say goodbye after a meeting in German

In modern times many meetings take place online via phone or zoom call. So how do you say goodbye here?

Vielen Dank für das angenehme Gespräch. (Thank you for the pleasant conversation.)

Vielen Dank für das nette Telefonat. (Thank you for the pleasant call.)

If you are a student learning German you could say after the lesson:

Vielen Dank für den heutigen Unterricht. (Thank you for today’s lesson.)

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