German Verbs with Dative

Did you know that there are verbs in the German language that are used with the dative case?

Do you need a refresher for the dative case? Click here.

Here is a list of common verbs in dative (not a complete list):

verbs with dativeEnglish translationBeispielsatz
antwortento answerWas hast du ihm geantwortet?
dankento thankIch danke dir.
glaubento believeEr glaubt ihr nicht.
helfento helpIch möchte dir helfen.
passento fitDie Hose passt mir nicht.
trauento trustTraust du ihr?
gefallento favor, suitDer Anzug gefällt mir.
gratulierento congratulateIch gratuliere den Gästen.
passierento happenWas ist mit dir passiert?

Here is a little exercise to practice the dative verbs.

Well, it can be difficult to know what to do with the German articles in the dative. Here is how the German articles change in the different cases.

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